Psy release day!

Yesterday was the official release day and BOY OH BOY was it a fun day!

I initially had not planned to do any kind of event in conjunction with the release, but then I ended up on someone's blog and read a post about how the best reason for holding a book release party is to celebrate the long journey that is novel-writing, and I thought OH YEAH! LET'S CELEBRATE! So celebrate we did. With beer, games, and even live music. As my job, I sing backing vocals in a band called Wheatus, so we got together and played an acoustic set and live-streamed it on Facebook. So fun! Here's some video if you fancy checking that out:

But what about the book?! Well, much to my excitement, people actually bought copies! I mean, I knew they would as most people who were there are family and friends, but there is something quite surreal about people actually asking to buy your book and then giving you money for it. Then watching them walk away with a copy. WEIRD. Weird but great.

I really have so much appreciation for all the kind people who helped along this journey, but I'd like to give extra love and thanks out there to everyone who has shown interest in Psy so far. To people who pre-ordered on the Kindle store, people who bought it on Amazon yesterday when it launched, to everyone who is adding it to your to-read list on Goodreads. I'm really just so excited to share it with you!

So all-in-all it was a very successful launch day. It feels very strange not to be working on it, because I've been working up to this for so long, with writing and editing and formatting and all of that stuff that you end up doing when you choose to self-publish. Part of me is left thinking "WHAT DO I DO NOW?!"

I don't know... sequel?!