The Kickstarter Journey: In Which We Launch and Feel All The Emotions

We are LIVE!!

After toiling through this process for so long, writing text for the campaign page, deciding on the reward tiers, pricing things out, and all the other things, actually hitting the launch button gave me such a feeling of relief. And then excitement. And then dread. Oh the dread. I think, after spending so long anticipating the launch, the launch itself transformed all my emotions in almost an instant.

The first thing I did was send the link to my best friend, because she was adamant that she wanted to be the first backer. After that, I posted it on all my regular social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram feed and stories. And then I sat there like a lunatic and refreshed the page a few bajillion times. We reached $461 on the first day, from 8 backers. Not bad. I'd read that you're statistically more likely to get 100% funded if you reach 30% funding within the first three days, so while that was a relatively slow day, it wasn't terrible.

Matthew and I have both posted the link several times over the past few days, with varying captions, and varying response rates. One thing that is very obvious is that Facebook response rates dramatically decrease over several postings. So that's going to be it for a while with regards to sharing the link with family and friends. At this point it seems certain that everyone has seen the link, so I don't want to bombard them with it.

So now we've probably exhausted our initial pledges from family and friends, and it's time to try getting word to reach the outside world. I've set up several Facebook ads and will be monitoring them for the next few days to see how they work out. I've also been reaching out to my local bookstores with social media presences to see if they would be willing to share the link (I'm offering them all eBook versions of the book in case they want to check it out first). So far I haven't heard back. The folks over at PrintNinja posted the link on their social media too.

So far I don't believe I've had any backers to whom I had no personal connection. So we'll see.

Here are the questions I'm pondering now:

- I know many people personally who fit the target market, who I know have seen the Kickstarter, but have not pledged. What would make them want to pledge?
      - is it my tiers? Is $25 too much for them to want to spend on a book?
      - is it my campaign page? Is something about the page not clear, not easy enough to understand?
      - is it the actual book? Does it just not look good enough?
      - is it something else that I'm not even realising?

- My Facebook ads are generating clicks, but so far nobody has pledged. What can I do to make my campaign page better?

There's a lot to think about.

Current Kickstarter status: $1054 pledged; 19% funded; 24 backers; 22 days to go.
Current mood: Thoughtful/nervous