The Road to Kickstarter: In Which We Make A Video

I really really really did not want to make a video.

I'll spare you the back story (mostly because there isn't one; I just have horrible stage fright and performance anxiety) and skip to the relevant part.

So at first I thought "I don't need a video, right?" "Not everyone has one, right?", because in Kickstarterland, the video is optional. But in browsing to see how campaigns handled the video aspect, it seemed that actually, everyone does have one and it's a pretty important part of the campaign page. DRATS!

It's not that I hate appearing on camera, I'm just generally a bit rubbish at it. Think of all the times you see English people on film. They're either the evil genius character or the bumbling British doofus character who comes across awkward and clammy. I'm that one.

But in watching everyone else's videos it was striking how much of a personal touch the video added to the campaign. It gives potential backers an insight not just into what they're backing, but who they're backing. Kickstarter projects can be so speculative by nature, given that we're asking people to commit to buying a product before it's even been created. So it seems that the least I could do is to tell people - personally - about the book I've created.

So first, I did what any good Brit-in-Crisis-Mode does - I made a cup of tea. And I sat down on my sofa, took a deep breath, and talked. And I think it turned out... not horrendous. So I'm going to call that a resounding success.

I've added some additional visuals to show some pages of the book, and Matthew is going to add music to it based on the music he's making for the audiobook.

All in all, I think it turned out well. But please enjoy these images from the video, in a series I'm calling: I Hope I Don't Look This Awkward In My Everyday Life


Current launch status: Campaign was submitted for review and accepted. Ready to launch. Putting final touches onto video.