The Road to Kickstarter: In which we recap and make a to-do list

Background info: I've been working on this children's book for probably the best part of a decade. Not consistently, mind you. But it's been a work-in-progress for a Very Long Time. I've stopped and come back to it more times than I can count. I don't really know why, it's just always been such a tough mountain to climb.

A few years ago I tried submitting it the formal way - the Real Publishing Way. As it turned out, none of the agents or publishers wanted to take it on, though I got some very kind comments, including that my story was "lovely" and "very cute". But apparently, they couldn't publish it.

I ended up illustrating it myself. That was probably the biggest hurdle. I've never done anything like that before, and the planning and execution took much longer than I anticipated.

So that brings us up to the present. I've edited, formatted, edited again, googled a LOT about using Adobe Illustrator, did some more formatting, had to google more to find out how to fix the mistakes I made in Adobe Illustrator... and repeat this sequence about a dozen times.

I am not good at learning new software.

As of now, the test copies of the ebook have gone out for review purposes. I've made a lot of lists. I signed up for a Kickstarter account (and promptly got distracted by all the other great projects on there and ended up backing three others instead of setting up my own - OOPS).

I've been making a to-do list all day and driving myself a little bit crazy as each thing that I think of to add to the list reminds me of even MORE things to add to the list.

So that's the round-up of activity so far. Not a lot has happened, but as I prepare to launch what is probably the longest-running personal project that I've ever completed, I thought maybe it was worth documenting these final steps, if for nobody other than myself.

Current launch status: on schedule for August
Current mood: positive